Saturday, August 22, 2009

Untold Truths about the United States: Acts of Bankruptcy

A Bankrupt Nation.... 

1.) The Bankruptcy and Re-organization of 1861-1871.  

The United States has been involved into two major bankruptcies which have ultimately shaped the formation of the Original Republic into a Democracy which has now morphed into a Fascist State. Let's examine the event(s) in which triggered the first bankruptcy and helped morphed the Union into a fascist state. In 1861, legislators from seven Southern states left the floor of Congress, which put the Legislative branch without a quorum (a state of flux). Lincoln enacted an Executive Order re convening Congress at gunpoint with emergency/martial law powers. Since that time there has been no dejure of Congress and all functions of the Government has functioned under Emergency Rule/Martial Law through Executive Order. At the end of the Civil War, the Federal Government was heavily indebted and bankrupt due to the war. Two undereported or misunderstood events in the history of the United States took place within a six year span after the war. The first one was in 1868, when the 14th Amendment was passed to validate the existing debt to international financiers. The 14th Amendment in short order placed all commerical, military, private and international assets of the United States into a Incorporated Trust existing within the state of War Powers.  

This means...  

An-artificial person-corporate entity franchised entitled "the citizen of the United States" was born into private, corporate limited liability. (YOU ARE PROPERTY OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT) Section 4 of the 14th Amendment states "The validity of the public debt of the United States shall never be questioned...". This statement will resound with the actions of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  

The second event, which is a continuation of the first bankruptcy re-organization started in '68, was in 1871 in which a new Government was installed by Congress in February of that year. The new corporate and commercial entity was called the "District of Columbia", it was reorganized on June 11th 1878 and renamed the "UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT". The Corporation trademarked the captions of U.S., US, U.S.A, USA, America and United States.  

The Forty First Congress of the United States committed treason against the people of the Republic FOR the United States by willingly and illegally transferring the Sovereignty of the People over to foreign powers or international financiers. There are two Constitutions. One is for the Republic titled "The Constitution FOR the United States of America" which was created by the "Founding Fathers" and is defunct due to the transferrence of the Government out of the people's hands into foreign hands. The other is "The Constitution OF the United States of America" which we are under as corporate entities and IS found within the United States Code or "U.S.C.". These movements by Congress and the Money Powers were a setup for greater consolidation in the 1930's...  

2.) The Bankruptcy of 1933  

To get a better understanding as to what really happened with the Great Depression (which is happening again now) you have to look YEARS ahead to what transpired between the Government and the Financiers. In 1912, The U.S. Government had millions of bonds floating (owned by banks) that were coming due and needed to be refinanced. Unfortunately, the outside Banks to which the Government owed,refused. To avoid certain economic calamity, the U.S. Congress under War Powers, passed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. This act ultimately surrended the power of money creation and regulation to foreign entities which is in direct violation of the Constitution which granted Congress the ability to coin and regulate the monetary policy of the United States of America..  

(The owners of the Federal Reserve are: Citigroup, Lazard Brothers, Barclays PLC, N M Rothschild, Bank of America, Soceite General and many more have stakes in the Fed.)  

The Federal Reserve triggered the Great Depression by inflating the credit supply to astronomical heights in the 1920's and then tightening it in the 1930's. One of the primary motives was to knock out local and small regional banks so that the major ones had a bigger share in their respective markets (which is happening again). They also accomplished this by increasing reserve requirements for banks by raising it to 25% from 20% (again, this is repeating itself now). It is law that banks must have more money on deposit as a percentage of their outstanding loans to make new ones...THIS SEVERELY RESTRICTED THE ABILITY OF BANKS TO LEND (This is again repeating itself) setting up bank failures left and right and destroying the economy. The bankruptcy of 1933 was based on the fact that since 1913 the United States was paying interest on the notes ("cash") received from the Federal Reserve in GOLD. By the time Roosevelt had taken the reins of the Presidency, the coffers of the U.S. Government were already empty. Roosevelt proclaimed bankruptcy for the U.S. and pledged every 14th Amendment citizen as an asset against the debt of the Government. This is why the Amendatory Act of 1933 was passed, robbing the people of their GOLD and making it illegal for anyone at that time to own GOLD. That gold confiscated was then used to pay interest to the Federal Reserve. 

Once the Federal Reserve was able to absorb almost all of the gold in circulation, it then made the citizens into perpetual slaves by forbidding payment of debt in gold with payment in debt backed by Federal Reserve Notes...Which means you can never get out of debt because paying debt with debt is nothing but a dog continually chasing it's tail.


It is key to notate that with the passage of the Amendatory Act of 1933 (along with the Trading with the Enemy Act), the powers of the Presidency were greatly expanded beyond the traditional powers given to the position via the Constitution. Although there was no enemy present at that time, it was necessary because the Government had become an Administration for the Creditors in the bankruptcy proceedings initiated by President Roosevelt. Here's a snippet of the Amendatory Act below:  

"The actions, regulations, rules, licenses, orders and proclamations heretofore or hereinafter taken, promulgated, made, or issued by the President of the United States or the Secretary of the Treasury, pursuant to the authority conferred by subdivision (b) of section 5 of the Act of October 6, 1917 as amended, are hereby approved and confirmed.”  

Basically, what this means is that President in whatever action he takes is automatically "confirmed and approved" and by the full force of the Government. Title 12 United States Code 95 (a) states: “(a) In order to provide for the safer and more effective operation of the National Banking System and the Federal Reserve System [indicating that the President acts for, on behalf of, and under the direction of the Federal Reserve]... , during such emergency period as the President of the United States by proclamation may prescribe, ...” A National Emergency has been in constant effect for over 140+ years and every President has issued Executive Orders under Title U.S.C. 95. This is mainly because of the ongoing reorganization of the country to outside powers which requires the outright shredding of the original Constitution. The liquidation of the United States has been expedited since the early 1970's when Nixon created the EPA to sell parcels of U.S. land to Creditors and the complete international declaration of bankruptcy when Dollars were no longer redeemable in Silver. If you look at U.S.C. (United States Code), the Federal Reserve Notes are now listed in 26 U.S.C 165 (g) as “worthless securities”.  

It is my assumption that the reorganization of the United States is nearing it's completion after nearly 75 years. It is also my assumption that the United States will no longer be recognizeable after 2011 (or sooner) due to the quickly deteriorating economic situation and the threat of a major outbreak of a bio hazardous disease via vaccination (Swine Flu?), there are over 15,000 Executive Orders in which, enacted, can quickly turn the United States into Police-Monarchist State at any given excuse